Thursday, March 25, 2010


One of the thing I was packing for the kids this weekend is their wetsuits with built in life-jackets. I bought them last summer for the kids. I tried them on them tonight to see if they still fit and I wanted to share the pictures I took of them last summer and tonight. 
They grow so much in a year!!



Shash said...

It was "beach day" at my kid's elementary school. It was only -6c this morning so.... they wore their bathing suits underneath their long-sleeve shirts and pants! I hope they turn up the heat inside the school!!

p.s. Your twitter link doesn't seem to be working, it brings me to a page that says it doesn't exist.

Katherine said...

Thanks for letting me know about my twitter link, I will fix that right away.

My kids love swimming, their grandparents were planning on taking them swimming this after noon!!

Did your kids have fun at their "beach day"? Sounds fun :)