Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Dinner!!

To celebrate Spring and the nice weather that we are starting to have I made a Spring dinner!!
My kids were a little confused but also excited about dinner tonight. As soon as Jaclyn saw her dinner she started to "quack" because of the ducks, then she had the bunny talking to the rest of her food. Silly girl!! David loved his so much that after he ate his raisins and cheese he told me "I don't want to eat anymore because I want to save them, there cute" After showing him the pictures I took on my camera he then decided that he would eat the rest of his dinner. 
Tonight's dinner was a grilled cheese sandwich cut into a bunny, raisins for bunny food, cheese flowers and banana ducks! (I was going to have carrots for the bunny food but realized to late that I need to go shopping)


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