Saturday, March 06, 2010

Almost Two

My little girl will be two on Monday. I can't believe that two years has gone by already in some ways it feels like I just had her and in other ways I can't remember not having her around.
Here are some picture I took yesterday! We call her our little punk princess! She loves clothes and shoes and she looks great in any type of outfit we put on her. When she got dressed into this outfit she started to dance around so her skirt would spin. 

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Stefanie said...

How beautiful is she...and how cute spinning in that skirt!

mamaof5 said...

Happy Birthday to your lil girl :)She is very adorable!

ReneƩ said...

Happy birthday Jacky. Love you and miss you. Ben would love to be there for your party, but we just can't make it out this year.