Thursday, October 25, 2007


Here is an ultrasound picture that I had taken earlier this week. Everything looks good with the baby. During the ultrasound the baby moved around a lot. It was fun to watch the baby move so much. I feel the baby move all the time, it is so wonderful to see the baby move at the same time as feeling it.
I love ultrasounds, they get me excited to meet the little person that is growing inside me.
God is so wonderful as to give this gift to moms-to-be, the joy of having a baby grow inside us.
I love being a mom!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

And now for something else.....

There is one other thing that we have been meaning to share with everyone. We are expecting another baby this March. I am 17 weeks pregnant and everything is going really well. We have started to talk to David about the baby coming soon and he is starting to understand a little bit. He will come up to me sometimes when we are playing and give the baby a kiss and a hug (its cute he will life my shirt up to see my stomach and point and say "baby")

We are really excited about the new addition that is coming to our family. We always wanted to have our kids close in age since that is what Chris and I both had, we are praying that they grow up as friends. They will be twenty months apart.



As I explained in my other post it has taken David a little while to figure out and to become more confident in walking. He now walks everywhere, it is so much fun to watch him. Sorry that the video is on it side.


Summer Pictures

Here are some summer pictures......


So Its been a long time.....

First I am sorry that I have not been blogging over the last couple of months. We moved our computer downstairs and I am not able to get to it as easily with David. We have recently bought a laptop so I should be able to keep up a bit more with my blogging.

So here is an update. David turned one in July and we had a wonderful time for his birthday. I will post pictures a little later. David has also become more confident in walking, he first started to walk when he was 10 months old but fell and scared himself, this continued to happen until he was 13 months old. Once David got over his fear of walking he started to walk very carefully but he was still nervous about walking anywhere other then at home. For the last couple of weeks he has become more confident in his walking and walks in public places. Chris and I are very proud of him!! David now has 10 teeth and three more coming soon. He eats everything that we offer him it is nice not having a picky eater.
We took David camping for the first time and he seemed to enjoy himself, we are looking forward to camping with him next summer.