Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sudden Brianwaves

Chris and I were a little crazy a couple of weeks ago and wanted to go walking but it was rainning so we decided to go shopping at Metrotown in Vancouver on a Saturday. Well, as we thought it would be, it was very busy. For the first half of our shopping trip Chris tried to keep up with David. Well I pushed Jaclyn around in the stroller. Then I had a sudden brain storm and I had the idea of putting them together, and as you can see, it ended up working out pretty well. Better then I thought it would go.

They were very good together, David had his snack there and he made Jaclyn smile and giggle a bit. They were very cute together.
I am very glad that they get along and that David is gentle with her as well as Jaclyn being patient with him.
They sure have fun together!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She is getting Bigger

Well Jacyln is growing so much these days. She now weighs 15lbs and is smiling and giggling all the time. I am really enjoying having a little girl. Chris and I wanted to get Jaclyn a new car seat that stays in the car. When we went to buy her a car seat there were two one that was grey and the pink one. As you can see we bought the pink one. I have to tell you I really like the pink one, its so girly and fun. Anyways here are some pictures of the kids in the back of our truck.

Don't they look cute in the car?


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Brother & Sister Love

David loves it when Jaclyn plays on the floor. As soon as I put her down he gets really excited and gets down there with her. Here are some pictures that I took the other day of them playing.
I am praying that as they grow, they continue to play well together.

David really likes to kiss Jaclyn's hand, as you can see she isn't as interested this time.

He likes to get as close as possible to her. He has even "steam-rolled" over her. She just smiles at him when he does this.
He was trying to have her play with her toy. As you can see she is more interested in watching him and he was interested in something else as well.