Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Babies

We were given this sleeper by some friends of ours when David was born. It is one of the only things that I am able to use for both kids. I put it on Jaclyn tonight and thought I would take a picture of her in it. I also have pictures of David in it. I thought that it was cute to see how the same outfit looks so different on each child.

One thing I am finding different is how much faster Jaclyn is growing compared to David at her age. I was at the doctor for Jaclyn's six week check-up last Thursday and she weighed 11lbs 6oz. David was almost ten weeks by the time he weighed that. It does make a difference that David was 6lbs 12oz when he was born and Jaclyn was 8lbs.
Some days it seems like she is growing so much faster. Part of me wants her to stay little for a long time because she is my last baby.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friends Playing

David has a friend named Adam who is six months younger then him. When Adam was born David wanted to play with him every time we got together with his parents, he would even try to climb into his car seat with him as Adam got bigger. As Adam was able to move more on his own they started to play a lot more together. Now that they are older and keep up with each other they play really well together (when they are not sick)
Last weekend we were visiting at their house and the boys were playing in Adams tent (this tent is really cool it fits over a twin size bed) Anyways here are some pictures of the boys together.


Kissing at Bedtime

Tonight at bedtime when David was giving both me and Chris kisses he was also holding his rubber duck and gave it a kiss. Then he kissed the ducks bum, I told him not to kiss the ducks bum. Then he said "bum kisser" and kissed its bum again!
It was so funny that I had to blog about it!!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Silly Boy

David loves to help me do the laundry, in fact when I go to the laundry room he follows me to help put things in the dryer. The other day my friend was over and brought me some of her girls clothes to borrow for Jaclyn. When we were sorting through the clothes David decided that he really liked this one shirt with Eeyore on it as well as ears and hair on the hood. It was really cute and funny to see him trying to put the shirt on so my girlfriend helped him get it on and we took pictures of him. He also went and looked in the mirror at himself and was very proud of himself. He then played in the shirt for a little while. It was very funny!!
David also likes to go into Jaclyn room and pull out her clothes and play with them. He even tries to put on some of them.

I am really enjoying watching David and Jaclyn together. He just loves her so much and wants to do everything with her. Just the other day he wanted to give her "high five" so he tried and finally asked me to help him. It was very funny!
In the last two weeks David has become very concerned when someone other then me or Chris is holding Jaclyn. We could have family or friends holding her and he starts to get really upset and sometimes even cries. I have to tell him that its OK and that I have given permission for that person to hold her. Its great that he loves her so much. He still has a problem with me holding another baby. In David's eyes I am only aloud to hold him or Jaclyn.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My little Girl

So I have to say that having a little girl is very different from having a boy. Up until now all I have known is having a boy, I love my little boy and everything to do with having a little boy, but I am learning about what fun it is and will be to have a girl now. I have been and still am a little nervous about having a daughter. I know what to do with a son, I understand how he likes to play. The nice thing for me is that I grew up in a house with boys, up until I was 16 it was me my three brothers and our parents. (after that it was a little different) So boys is what I was use too. When David was born I was so excited both Chris and I wanted to have a boy first and he was perfect in every way. We have always wanted to have two children and we had both agreed that if we were going to have two sons that would be great, ideally we wanted to have a boy and a girl.

Now with my pregnancy with Jaclyn I felt from the beginning that I was having a girl. During my pregnancy I would look at girly things and dream about what she would be like, the whole time I would do this I would also be getting ready for another boy. The theme I had pick for her room was even more of a boy theme. (that has changed now) When she was born and they told me she was a girl I was so excited and scared at the same time. Now that she has been here for a couple of weeks I have started to get use to all the pink and girly things. In fact I think that all of it is wonderful! I am excited to put dresses on her and dress her up. I am looking forward to watching her grow up.
I love her smile!
Her first real outfit!
Playing on the floor
I love my daughter!