Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!!
We went on a Sleigh Ride at Sun Peaks Ski Resort tonight (Christmas Eve) It was a really fun experience and David seemed to enjoy himself. Both Chris and I had fun as well, its one of those things that you think about doing at Christmas but don't always get a chance to do. We are glad that we took the opportunity.
Here is David waiting in the lodge ready for the Sleigh Ride!!
Merry Christmas everyone and we hope that you are all able to spend Christmas with your loved ones and have a wonderful time!


Friday, December 07, 2007

First Haircut

So Chris and I have never cut David's hair.
Over the last few months we have been watching his hair grow and delaying doing the haircut. (It was starting to look like hockey hair, so we had to do something about it)
We love his curls so much that we didn't want to lose them. Well tonight we did cut his hair.
Even though David was tired and not in the mood to sit still we managed to get it done with it still looking cute and curly!!
Before the haircut
Notice the beginning of the hockey hair.
After his hair cut, happy to play and not have us cutting his hair.
It almost looks like he has more curl on top!
Look at how much hair we cut off.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow Buddies

David was playing at some friends house this past week, and they took him out to go for a walk in the snow. David and Adam where all bundled up and ready to go when they took these pictures. I thought that they were so cute that I had to share them with anyone who reads this.
Adam and David
I love the look of kids in snow suits!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Starbucks Already

Chris and I enjoy Starbucks once in awhile and because of that David has been in and out of Starbucks his whole life. Last summer I shared a Strawberries and Cream drink with him and he really liked it. He has also tried a Vanilla Bean drink and enjoyed that as well. Since this past summer David will get excited when we go through the drive-thru Starbucks or walk into a Starbucks and thinks that he is going to get something. Most of the time he gets nothing but he still asked and hopes that he will get something. The other day Chris and I had hot drinks in which he is not aloud to have, but when we were finished he was aloud to play with the cup. It was so cute that we took some pictures of our "Starbucks Kid"

He even knows which way to drink out of the cups, I think that it is so cute!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

David and his Buddy

Spencer is the son of some of our good friends Travis and Rosie. It was fun to be pregnant with Rosie and now it is a lot of fun watching our boys grow up and play together. Here is a picture that was taken last week when we were visiting them.
David and Spencer are about seven weeks apart. Spencer is older and the two have always "played" together...........during the last few times that they have been together they have started to really play together. It was so fun watching them with the toys, mostly cars. We are looking forward to watching them grow up together.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007


In the last few weeks David has been really into matchbox cars. I stated to buy them for him when we were out shopping or running errands for a long time. He hangs on to his cars and walks around the house saying "car-car". It's cute!
Anyway we where all out the other day and decided to buy the Cars Movie.........David was really excited and all he could talk about was "cars"
When we got home to watch it he didn't care to much about the movie and played with his cars instead, every once in awhile he would look up and say "car-car", at one point he sat in his chair holding the case and watched some of the movie. It was pretty cute so we took some pictures.
Here he is holding his case for the movie!
Watching the movie!
Looking up at the camera!


Saturday, November 03, 2007


The other night David had a bubble bath. He really likes them, but we don't do bubble baths all the time (usually its just regular baths), so when we do, he really gets into it. It also makes it a little more G rated for pictures.
He has these bath toys that he loves to play with. In the bubbles he has to find them and it becomes a game for him. So much fun!!
Poising for the camera!
I just love this look of his, he has so many facial expressions. He is so much fun!


Thursday, November 01, 2007

20 weeks already!!!

Well I am now at the half way mark in this pregnancy. I really do enjoy being pregnant, it is one of those feeling that's hard to explain to someone who has not gone through it. David really likes to give the baby (my belly) kisses and hugs. It is very cute!! This baby loves to move around all the time. Its great I think that I will miss that a bit when the baby comes this spring.
Here are some updated pictures for you.
David and me, you can see a little bit of my belly that he is sitting on.
Here is a better picture of my belly!


I love my son!

I love this picture of David playing by himself and looking up at us. He is starting to look so much older!
Reading, one of his favorite things to do. He loves to bring book to us to read to him, and then sometimes I will come into the room and he is "reading" his books to himself, it is so cute.
We bought this bin to organize our games and David thought that it was the perfect thing to climb into. (in the middle of getting ready for bed)


Daddy and David Playing

Here is a video of Chris playing with David. I thought that it was really cute so I thought I would share it. Enjoy!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Here is an ultrasound picture that I had taken earlier this week. Everything looks good with the baby. During the ultrasound the baby moved around a lot. It was fun to watch the baby move so much. I feel the baby move all the time, it is so wonderful to see the baby move at the same time as feeling it.
I love ultrasounds, they get me excited to meet the little person that is growing inside me.
God is so wonderful as to give this gift to moms-to-be, the joy of having a baby grow inside us.
I love being a mom!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

And now for something else.....

There is one other thing that we have been meaning to share with everyone. We are expecting another baby this March. I am 17 weeks pregnant and everything is going really well. We have started to talk to David about the baby coming soon and he is starting to understand a little bit. He will come up to me sometimes when we are playing and give the baby a kiss and a hug (its cute he will life my shirt up to see my stomach and point and say "baby")

We are really excited about the new addition that is coming to our family. We always wanted to have our kids close in age since that is what Chris and I both had, we are praying that they grow up as friends. They will be twenty months apart.



As I explained in my other post it has taken David a little while to figure out and to become more confident in walking. He now walks everywhere, it is so much fun to watch him. Sorry that the video is on it side.


Summer Pictures

Here are some summer pictures......


So Its been a long time.....

First I am sorry that I have not been blogging over the last couple of months. We moved our computer downstairs and I am not able to get to it as easily with David. We have recently bought a laptop so I should be able to keep up a bit more with my blogging.

So here is an update. David turned one in July and we had a wonderful time for his birthday. I will post pictures a little later. David has also become more confident in walking, he first started to walk when he was 10 months old but fell and scared himself, this continued to happen until he was 13 months old. Once David got over his fear of walking he started to walk very carefully but he was still nervous about walking anywhere other then at home. For the last couple of weeks he has become more confident in his walking and walks in public places. Chris and I are very proud of him!! David now has 10 teeth and three more coming soon. He eats everything that we offer him it is nice not having a picky eater.
We took David camping for the first time and he seemed to enjoy himself, we are looking forward to camping with him next summer.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Family Photos

So we tried to take some family pictures a few weeks ago and these are some of the better ones.
The one on top of us looking up I really liked, I am not sure as to why but I do. The picture on the bottom is one of my favorites also so I thought I would share with you all.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Funny Faces

So a couple of days ago David started giving us a new look. He scrunches his eyes, opens his mouth and snorts as he laughs, its is so funny that when he does is I laugh so he does it more and we will laugh for awhile. It is so much fun.
I am really enjoying watching David grow up and discover his personality. He is one funny boy.
Here are a few pictures of this new face of his, its hard to capture the whole look but I am sure you can get the idea.
Also David loves to laugh, we will be playing on the floor with his toys and all of a sudden he will be laughing, I am never really sure of what he is laughing at but I do love to hear it.
I also added some pictures to our flickr!


David doing Laundry

Well David likes to help me around the house, for instance when I do laundry he is always tring to get into the basket. So sometimes I put him in........I thought I would share some pictures. He also likes to follow me when I vaccum, I don't think he totally understands what the noise is but he does like to be clean.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Are Little Basketball Star

So its been awhile since I blogged..........David has been doing a lot of changing lately. He will be 10 months on Saturday, wow time has gone fast.
First of all he now has 6 teeth and three comming in soon. I guess he decided to get it all done now.
Second he loves to crawl around and find me in the house, it is very cute. When I am in the kitchen he looks for me and then starts to laugh when he finds me.
David is really wanting to walk on his own, and yesturday on Mothers day he took his first three steps by himself. I was so proud of him it was a great mothers day gift! It was very cool and the best part was that Chris was home to see it. I don't expect it to be to much longer before he is walking all on his own. Also about a week ago David decided that he didn't want to eat baby food anymore, so we started to feed him more normal foods (not mushed up) he is really enjoying it. He loves his vegies, fruit and he likes garlic mashed potatoes and mushroom soup. So far I haven't been feeding him meat or to much spice but he is really enjoying his food.
Not to much else right now but soon I will blog some more pictures and little stories for everyone.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

David has a New Cousin

Well I know that this is normally about David and our little family but today I want to share with you all about a new member of our extended family. Adrian Patrick Bjorndal was born this morning April 22 @ 5:30 ish and weighed 8lb. 12oz. He is the son of my brother and sister-in-law Isaac and Jana Bjorndal and younger brother to Logan. Both mom and baby are doing well and Logan is very excited to be a big brother. They are all happy and glad to have him here.

We are excited to meet our new nephew in May!!



Saturday, April 14, 2007

Update on Flickr

For those of you that still check I updated the flickr!!!!!

Time for a Bottle

Well David and I have come to a new time in both our lives.........he has moved on to the bottle. David is now on formula 100%, this was a sad and happy time for me, sad because I will miss the special times that we had well breastfeeding but happy because we were both ready for the change. The first few times he would almost refuse to take the bottle but in the end after a few days of persistence on my part he took to it and as you can see from these pictures he is happy to have his bottle. In fact now when he hears it being shaken or sees it he gets excited. I am happy to have breastfeed him for over 8 months but it was time. The nice thing now is that Chris and I can get babysitters and not worry about being at home to feed him, this is a nice perk. As well Chris is able to feed him now which he is enjoying!


Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

We just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter!!! We hope that you all had a good time with family but most of all remembering what Jesus did for us all. For he has Risen


Growing up so Fast

Well time has really started to go by fast, David is growing so much. He loves to sit and play with his toys. He loves to laugh, he gets himself from sitting position to crawling position and he really loves standing and walking with help. David still hasen't totally figured out the whole crawling thing yet, what he does is crawl backwards and shimmys around the room. He has crawled a little bit but not consistantly, soon I am sure.
Also he is getting more hair all the time. He has more control over his hands and moves smaller objects. I have also started to give him Arrowroot cookies which he loves.
David is growing and keeping me very busy, we have a lot of fun together.
I will try and blog more to keep you all up to date.