Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Are Little Basketball Star

So its been awhile since I blogged..........David has been doing a lot of changing lately. He will be 10 months on Saturday, wow time has gone fast.
First of all he now has 6 teeth and three comming in soon. I guess he decided to get it all done now.
Second he loves to crawl around and find me in the house, it is very cute. When I am in the kitchen he looks for me and then starts to laugh when he finds me.
David is really wanting to walk on his own, and yesturday on Mothers day he took his first three steps by himself. I was so proud of him it was a great mothers day gift! It was very cool and the best part was that Chris was home to see it. I don't expect it to be to much longer before he is walking all on his own. Also about a week ago David decided that he didn't want to eat baby food anymore, so we started to feed him more normal foods (not mushed up) he is really enjoying it. He loves his vegies, fruit and he likes garlic mashed potatoes and mushroom soup. So far I haven't been feeding him meat or to much spice but he is really enjoying his food.
Not to much else right now but soon I will blog some more pictures and little stories for everyone.


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