Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Starbucks Already

Chris and I enjoy Starbucks once in awhile and because of that David has been in and out of Starbucks his whole life. Last summer I shared a Strawberries and Cream drink with him and he really liked it. He has also tried a Vanilla Bean drink and enjoyed that as well. Since this past summer David will get excited when we go through the drive-thru Starbucks or walk into a Starbucks and thinks that he is going to get something. Most of the time he gets nothing but he still asked and hopes that he will get something. The other day Chris and I had hot drinks in which he is not aloud to have, but when we were finished he was aloud to play with the cup. It was so cute that we took some pictures of our "Starbucks Kid"

He even knows which way to drink out of the cups, I think that it is so cute!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

David and his Buddy

Spencer is the son of some of our good friends Travis and Rosie. It was fun to be pregnant with Rosie and now it is a lot of fun watching our boys grow up and play together. Here is a picture that was taken last week when we were visiting them.
David and Spencer are about seven weeks apart. Spencer is older and the two have always "played" together...........during the last few times that they have been together they have started to really play together. It was so fun watching them with the toys, mostly cars. We are looking forward to watching them grow up together.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007


In the last few weeks David has been really into matchbox cars. I stated to buy them for him when we were out shopping or running errands for a long time. He hangs on to his cars and walks around the house saying "car-car". It's cute!
Anyway we where all out the other day and decided to buy the Cars Movie.........David was really excited and all he could talk about was "cars"
When we got home to watch it he didn't care to much about the movie and played with his cars instead, every once in awhile he would look up and say "car-car", at one point he sat in his chair holding the case and watched some of the movie. It was pretty cute so we took some pictures.
Here he is holding his case for the movie!
Watching the movie!
Looking up at the camera!


Saturday, November 03, 2007


The other night David had a bubble bath. He really likes them, but we don't do bubble baths all the time (usually its just regular baths), so when we do, he really gets into it. It also makes it a little more G rated for pictures.
He has these bath toys that he loves to play with. In the bubbles he has to find them and it becomes a game for him. So much fun!!
Poising for the camera!
I just love this look of his, he has so many facial expressions. He is so much fun!


Thursday, November 01, 2007

20 weeks already!!!

Well I am now at the half way mark in this pregnancy. I really do enjoy being pregnant, it is one of those feeling that's hard to explain to someone who has not gone through it. David really likes to give the baby (my belly) kisses and hugs. It is very cute!! This baby loves to move around all the time. Its great I think that I will miss that a bit when the baby comes this spring.
Here are some updated pictures for you.
David and me, you can see a little bit of my belly that he is sitting on.
Here is a better picture of my belly!


I love my son!

I love this picture of David playing by himself and looking up at us. He is starting to look so much older!
Reading, one of his favorite things to do. He loves to bring book to us to read to him, and then sometimes I will come into the room and he is "reading" his books to himself, it is so cute.
We bought this bin to organize our games and David thought that it was the perfect thing to climb into. (in the middle of getting ready for bed)


Daddy and David Playing

Here is a video of Chris playing with David. I thought that it was really cute so I thought I would share it. Enjoy!!