Saturday, December 31, 2011

David's Christmas Concert

During the last week of school before Christmas break David was in his first school Christmas concert. He was so excited and the weeks following up to the concert he would walk around the house singing his class song. I loved hearing him practice his song in French. It is wonderful to see how happy David is being in school and how much he loves learning French.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

A good start

This is how my kids spent one of their first days of Christmas holidays together. It seemed that every time I turned around they were doing something else. 
This was their first activity. They were building a ladder out of books so that superheros could climb up to the T.V.

Then David decided that we needed a wreath in our house so he made one.  
Here is our new spiderman Christmas wreath. 
Then they made a fort.

So they decided to at least pretend to sleep for a few seconds before they moved onto the next thing...
After that it was time for a train ride. They loved taking turns and yelling out "choo-choo, chugga, choo-choo". 
I surprised the kids by making a special dinner for the kids. We called it the "Tent Restaurant" and Chris served them grilled cheese and nachos. They both thought it was wonderful. 

All in all I think that today was a good day for them. At bedtime tonight they both said they were excited to see what they could make/create tomorrow.


Thursday, December 08, 2011


How many of you have read comics as children or have grown up with them in your house? Or how many of you have spouses who have read comics as kids (or now)?

I grew up in a house full of boys. All of whom have been quite into comics at one point or other. Because of this close proximity, I picked up quite a bit of knowledge about the comic universe and a lot of the main story lines, and would even read a few comics when they were lying around. I might not have been jumping into the conversations, but as any other sister of a comic book fan will admit, you get a bit of a heart for that world.
I can remember the debates: Which superhero was the best; What villain was the worst; and of course Which was better, DC or Marvel? You may be asking yourself what DC and Marvel are? Lucky for you, I can give you a quick lesson. 
DC is the comic line that writes about Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Wonder Woman.
Marvel writes about Iron man, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, Spider man, X-Man and Captain America.

Over the last year we have been introducing the kids to superheros. It started with Batman and Superman, then moved to Green Lantern and the Flash. I guess you could say we started with DC. This was the comics that my brothers were more into, but there isn't much out there that is not too dark for little kids.

Then over the last couple of months we have introduced the kids to The Avengers.  They are part of the Marvel comics and more of what my husband was into when he was young. It also is a bit lighter for some of the stories.
We found the carton series of The Avengers on Netflix and have been going through the shows with the kids. Its amazing to me how much my kids love superheroes. I know that when I was a kid I, along with my brothers, loved reading about them and watching different shows with superheroes in it. I guess I never really realized how much of a classic Superheros really are until now.

I realized how strange this might sound when I was having a conversation about the Avengers at Best Buy and the people that worked there were giving each other strange looks as my 3 year old daughter was talking about Thor and Iron was funny.