Thursday, December 22, 2011

A good start

This is how my kids spent one of their first days of Christmas holidays together. It seemed that every time I turned around they were doing something else. 
This was their first activity. They were building a ladder out of books so that superheros could climb up to the T.V.

Then David decided that we needed a wreath in our house so he made one.  
Here is our new spiderman Christmas wreath. 
Then they made a fort.

So they decided to at least pretend to sleep for a few seconds before they moved onto the next thing...
After that it was time for a train ride. They loved taking turns and yelling out "choo-choo, chugga, choo-choo". 
I surprised the kids by making a special dinner for the kids. We called it the "Tent Restaurant" and Chris served them grilled cheese and nachos. They both thought it was wonderful. 

All in all I think that today was a good day for them. At bedtime tonight they both said they were excited to see what they could make/create tomorrow.


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