Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pretending to sleep

So I was trying to get a picture of David lounging on his daddy, but it seems that every picture he closed his eyes. Now it looks like he is passed out and we are propping him up like a doll or something, although the smile on one picture does let you know he is a bit of a fake. Oh well they are still cute pictures.

And now for an update on David. He sits on his own and as I wrote in the last blog he has two teeth and his third tooth is on its way in. He loves everything about his toes, as you can see in these pictures as he is rubbing his toes together, we have more pictures where he is sucking them. We never knew that toes could be so fascinating, but then again, we are fairly used to having them...

David has also found his voice, now he has been doing the baby talk thing for a while now but he is getting much better at control as he moves his mouth to make different sounds, not to mention adding a whole new area of high pitches (and I mean high). He will just sit and talk for a long time now, most of it being high enough to be understood by dolphins and other marine animals. It has really been interesting watching him as he surprises himself by his noises.

A new growth spurt is on the way, which means it is yet again time to say goodbye to some of our favorite outfits that are now sadly too small for him. It's amazing how fast he goes through it. It will be nice when he will stay in the same size for at least half a year. Oh well, on the plus side, there are a bunch of new hand me downs for us to go through...So goes the life of parents.

Oh, and we are going to start throwing more pictures on to our flickr account, so for those of you who have been frustrated that there has been nothing new for a while, good news.

Heimsoth's out

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

He Has Teeth

Well David is really growing up these days. After three months of teething he has finally had a tooth broken through. On Saturday his first tooth came in and then today his second tooth came in. I think that David is feeling a little better now that they have broken through. One thing I find kind of funny is that David doesn't really like teething toys, he prefers to chew on blankets. He will put it in his mouth and then pull it out with his jaw locked on it. It looks kinda funny but it seems to help him.

David also started to sit up on his own without supports about a week ago, he has been sitting for a long time now but usually with pillows around him. He really is fun to watch as he discovers himself and his personality.



Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Special Friend

So we noticed over the last few months that there are certain people that David really likes. There are a few people that David is fond of, always staring at them, reaching for them, that sort of thing. But no one holds a candle to Jenna. Born on the same day, they met when each was less than 24 hours old. I don't know if that is the reason, or if it is something more, but David has a bit of a fixation on Jenna. It really became obvious in the last few weeks, as David started sucking Jenna's toes and fingers. Now, David doesn't do the toe thing with anyone else, this is rather special.
He also enjoys being very close with Jenna, and cuddles up every chance he gets. Young love is a precious thing, albeit a bit weird at this age, but still very cute.
It will be very fun to watch these two grow up together. Now I should add that Jenna also likes to be with David, there have been times that Jenna has started to suck on his fingers and then realize that they are not hers. They sure are fun to watch.