Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Special Friend

So we noticed over the last few months that there are certain people that David really likes. There are a few people that David is fond of, always staring at them, reaching for them, that sort of thing. But no one holds a candle to Jenna. Born on the same day, they met when each was less than 24 hours old. I don't know if that is the reason, or if it is something more, but David has a bit of a fixation on Jenna. It really became obvious in the last few weeks, as David started sucking Jenna's toes and fingers. Now, David doesn't do the toe thing with anyone else, this is rather special.
He also enjoys being very close with Jenna, and cuddles up every chance he gets. Young love is a precious thing, albeit a bit weird at this age, but still very cute.
It will be very fun to watch these two grow up together. Now I should add that Jenna also likes to be with David, there have been times that Jenna has started to suck on his fingers and then realize that they are not hers. They sure are fun to watch.



Marilyn said...

Sooooo cute! :-)
I think I lost where I wrote down your most recent address. The Christmas letter I sent you came back last week. :-(

Dawn & Stew said...

WOW, what beautiful children- especially the girl...She is the most beautiful little baby EVER... except for her older sister...
very cute blog, Katherine!