Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little People Party

I have always liked Fisher Price's Little People. When David was born we started to collect them and on his first birthday he was given a few Little People sets. These toys seem to be his old faithful, he will put them away for awhile and play with other toys. Then one day they come out again and the only ones we play with for a time. I love watching him use his imagination with them. He likes to have the pirate on the ark and Noah in Dino land. Over the last few weeks we have started to have little people parties. This just means that we gather up as many little people as we can find and we bring them into the living room and set them up. We still haven't had them all attend the "party".

They have girly Little People and I am thinking we might add some of those to our collections for Jaclyn. She already likes to play with them, well mostly she teeths on them. It looks as though she will have the same love for these toys as her brother and I do!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Other Favorite Person

This last weekend I arranged to have our kids go for a sleepover at my sister-in-laws house and I took Chris out for dinner to celebrate his birthday that was last week. It was nice to go out and not worry about what time it was or be on a tight schedule. We even slept-in the next morning!
We had a wonderful time together just talking and enjoying each others company. I am glad that we are able to have times like this to spend together, just the two of us! We love our children and also realize that they will only be living in our house for the next 16 to 20 years and then we will be on our own again. We both feel that it is important to work on our relationship every day so that when our children grow up and move out that we still have something to talk about and things in common and most of all Love for each other!
It was nice to have a reason to go out and spend time together. Having time for the two of us will become more of a priority and need to be organize over the next few years. With Chris in school and with me focused on our children as they are learning and growing our time will easily slip away.
Here is a picture Chris wanted to take to remember our night out! Thanks again Jana for taking the kids, you rock!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two of My Favorite People!

I love my children so much! They bring so much joy to my life. I can't imagine life with out them, in fact its hard to remember the days we had before they came along.
There are days when I would like to sleep-in or go on trips, but I wouldn't trade them for the world! I will sleep in when they have grown up and I will travel after they move out. But for now I will enjoy every bit of these two wonderful little people!!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Childrens Bibles

Every time I pull out my Bible to read or bring it to church David gets really excited and wants to hold it and read it himself. Its really cute to here him say Bible or Jesus, he will often sit and "read" my Bible and pretend to read and I can hear him saying Jesus and other words to himself. He has also been asking for his Bible he will say "Davids Bible??"
The other day I took the kids to the local christian book store to find him a Bible.
Did you know that finding a children's Bible that is true to scripture is hard to find? Yes they have lots of children's "bibles", the ones that change a Bible story so much that the only things the same are the names and general idea's. I understand that the writers have changed the stories so that children will not be scared but at the same time don't we as Christians want to teach our children the true story of Jesus and all of the wonderful things that God had written in the Bible! I am not saying that we as parents should be telling our children only about the "scary" parts of the Bible, just that we should be teaching our children the truth about Christianity and the truth about was is in the Bible and all the wonderful things that are talked about in the Bible. Such as Jesus loves us, we are His children and he is our heavenly Father and that God will be there for us if we only ask! And when we do teach our children about the stories that might scare them that we do so in a way that they will understand. When they are old enough to ask questions about the stuff they don't understand we can explain in more detail to them. I as a mother of a two year old will be teaching David about all the aspect of the Bible but I will do so in a way that captures his attention and in a way that he will understand. As he gets older we will go over the stories in more depth. I want my children to understand who God is and how amazing He is!
Now that I have ranted a little I found a wonderful Bible for David. It is a 'Read with me Bible' that has lots of pictures in it for him to look at and it is a NIrV version that tells the stories right out of scripture.
Here are a few pictures of David reading his new Bible. He is so excited to have it that he wants to read it all the time. In fact this morning he asked to read his Bible before he had even had breakfast.


Friday, September 12, 2008

My Husband

Today Chris turns 30!! In honor of his birthday I am going to write a list of thirty things I love about my husband.

1. He loves me.
2. He is a man of God and loves Jesus.
3. He gave me David.
4. He gave me Jaclyn.
5. He is honest.
6. He is wonderful father.
7. He is an amazing husband.
8. He keeps his promises.
9. He is trustworthy.
10. He is a great cook.
11. He supports me in everything I do or want to do.
12. He's funny (even if others don't understand him, I do!)
13. He enjoys learning new things.
14. He loves to BBQ.
15. He is a great help in cleaning the house.
16. He folds laundry.
17. He does all the yard work.
18. He takes care of me.
19. He takes care of our kids.
20. He gets up really early to go to work and he commutes.
21. He gives the best hugs.
22. He would rather hang out with our little family then anyone else.
23. He surprises me.
24. He loves to play with our kids.
25. He encourages me to nap.
26. He likes to walk with me.
27. He appreciate me just the way I am.
28. He leads by example.
29. He thinks its funny that I like to be organized and write lists.
30. I love listening to him read scripture.

For all these things and so much more I love my husband! I look forward to another 30 plus years with him.
Happy Birthday Chris, I Love You!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We are in the process as we have been for awhile now in preparing for Chris to go back to school. For those of you who don't know, Chris is going back to school for his Master's. We have both felt that this is where God has been leading us for over a year now. And because of circumstances with work and life in general this September is when he is starting. In fact, tomorrow Chris is going to register for his first two classes over correspondence. He is also working for the city of Vancouver right now and there is a good chance that he will be there until the end of December (which would be a real blessing for us). Because Chris is going back to school, part time for now and then full time in January, I have decided to start working again. When we first talked about me working, we talked about all the options I had. Such as not working, going to work out side of the house full time and putting our kids in daycare or me staying at home and starting an in home daycare.
Well, after some thinking and praying, I decided to stay home and do my own daycare. Within a week I had started talking to a family looking for part time care for their son and with in another week I had met them and their son Preston was coming to my house three days a week. I love seeing how God works! We prayed that I would bring someone in that would get along with David and who's parents would agree with the way I am raising our kids (and theirs, when they are here) God has provided that and so much more then I could imagine. I am really happy with the way this has worked out. David and Preston get along really well! It is also nice that I am able to bring in a little extra money during this time that we will be living on mostly loans while Chris is going through school.
Please pray for us as we learn how to work out all the little details of our life, with Chris going to school, the kids growing and learning how to play well with others and our finances. As well as for me with adding additional kids into my house and being a supportive wife to my husband well he goes through school.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Picture pages

Hey, Chris Here, just wanted to share this pic because I really like it. It's purposely overexposed and David has a Mohawk. But what really does it is his eyes, they are kinda trippy, but really cool.


6 Months Already

Well my little girl was six months yesterday. I can't believe how fast time has gone! I still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.
In fact Chris and I still talk about that day she was born and how blessed we are to have her.
Over the last six months she has been such a joy for us to watch as she learns and explores the world around her. One of her favorite things to do is to watch David. It doesn't matter what he is doing, she loves to laugh at him and play with him. It is really fun when we go out in the car and David and Jaclyn just start to laugh at each other. It starts when Jaclyn will laugh at David as he is playing and talking by himself, then he thinks she is funny. So he turns in to a comedian just for her. Its pretty funny for us as the back seat turns in to a giggle session.
Jaclyn also is getting around the living room on her own, she likes to roll and pull herself around. Crawling isn't to far away. We started Jaclyn on rice cereal and a water sippy cup. She is also taking a bottle sometimes which is nice for Chris.
She is growing so fast that I am trying to take lots of pictures and remember all the little things that she is doing because the last six months went fast that I know that the next six will go even faster!


Saturday, September 06, 2008


This is what happens when David has stickers and wants to play with Jaclyn.
She is so patient with him.