Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little People Party

I have always liked Fisher Price's Little People. When David was born we started to collect them and on his first birthday he was given a few Little People sets. These toys seem to be his old faithful, he will put them away for awhile and play with other toys. Then one day they come out again and the only ones we play with for a time. I love watching him use his imagination with them. He likes to have the pirate on the ark and Noah in Dino land. Over the last few weeks we have started to have little people parties. This just means that we gather up as many little people as we can find and we bring them into the living room and set them up. We still haven't had them all attend the "party".

They have girly Little People and I am thinking we might add some of those to our collections for Jaclyn. She already likes to play with them, well mostly she teeths on them. It looks as though she will have the same love for these toys as her brother and I do!


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