Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We are in the process as we have been for awhile now in preparing for Chris to go back to school. For those of you who don't know, Chris is going back to school for his Master's. We have both felt that this is where God has been leading us for over a year now. And because of circumstances with work and life in general this September is when he is starting. In fact, tomorrow Chris is going to register for his first two classes over correspondence. He is also working for the city of Vancouver right now and there is a good chance that he will be there until the end of December (which would be a real blessing for us). Because Chris is going back to school, part time for now and then full time in January, I have decided to start working again. When we first talked about me working, we talked about all the options I had. Such as not working, going to work out side of the house full time and putting our kids in daycare or me staying at home and starting an in home daycare.
Well, after some thinking and praying, I decided to stay home and do my own daycare. Within a week I had started talking to a family looking for part time care for their son and with in another week I had met them and their son Preston was coming to my house three days a week. I love seeing how God works! We prayed that I would bring someone in that would get along with David and who's parents would agree with the way I am raising our kids (and theirs, when they are here) God has provided that and so much more then I could imagine. I am really happy with the way this has worked out. David and Preston get along really well! It is also nice that I am able to bring in a little extra money during this time that we will be living on mostly loans while Chris is going through school.
Please pray for us as we learn how to work out all the little details of our life, with Chris going to school, the kids growing and learning how to play well with others and our finances. As well as for me with adding additional kids into my house and being a supportive wife to my husband well he goes through school.


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