Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I really don't like vomit!!
I know most, if not everyone, doesn't like it. The reason I am saying this is because this afternoon the little boy that I look after got sick after nap time. The boys were sitting at the kids table starting their snack and I turned around for just a moment when David started to yell at me. You could here the panic in his voice as he yelled "mom, puke, Preston puked.....gross!" I thought that David was going to cry because the puke was in front of him on his table and all over Preston. I ran over to Preston to clean him up and get Jaclyn before she got into it. Because David was not in a sharing mood he had been holding the snack close even before the vomit began. (This is one time I was happy that he didn't share.) I started to clean up Preston as I moved Jaclyn out of the area ( I ended up distracting her with my foot), all well David is yelling gross!!
Well, I finally had Preston stripped down to his diaper so that I could get him cleaned up. Oh yeah, the reason I had turned around before this all happened was because I needed a diaper. Preston had pooed! So while cleaning up all the vomit I was also cleaning up a very stinky diarea filled diaper. GROSS!!!
I had, during this time, contacted his mother so she could come and pick him up since he was quite obviously sick. By this time, I had all three kids cleaned and calm and started to disinfect the area in which was contaminated. His mother had come to get him. Unfortunately before they left my house he had vomited two more times. After he was clean the last time he they left before it happened again. As soon as I closed the door I put a movie on for my kids and started the job of disinfecting everything three feet and lower. Yes everything! This little boy has the ability to touch and even put almost everything the kids have in his mouth. So this afternoon and mostly this evening Chris and I will be disinfecting everything we can think of. I will also be washing everything that is able to go into the laundry this evening.
So much for a quiet, calm evening.....sigh!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Love You Day!!

Today is Valentines day and we have been celebrating all week. Earlier this week we did crafts with some friends of ours. A good friend of mine lives in this complex with her family and we get together regularly so that our children can play together. Her son is eleven months older then David and her daughter is eleven months older then Jaclyn. They all play so well together.
We made a heart tree craft that the kids coloured and then we put together for them, both of the boys love doing crafts. The next day they were over again and we made heart cookies together.
I have been telling my kids that this weekend is "I Love You Day" and that means that we get to spend the day together as a family and love each other lots. David thinks that it is a wonderful idea and he has been telling Chris, Jaclyn and myself all week that he loves us.......so cute!
Last night I put out a little something special for the kids to wake up to this morning and I blew up some red balloons for them. I like the idea of spending a day or week and tell the kids just how much we love them. They know that we love them but I think that this is a way to make such fun memories for them. (Its also an excuse for me to spoil them a little)
Yesterday I took the kids grocery shopping and they got Chris a special balloon and chocolates that David picked out and he was so excited to give them to his daddy when we came home. We then had a family picnic for dinner.
Tonight we are having a quite night as a family. We will be having Chinese food and after the kids go to bed Chris and I will be staying home and watching The Notebook together.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day today and don't forget to tell the ones you love just how much you love them!!


Sunday, February 08, 2009


I never really realized when I was pregnant just how different my children would be, its not that I thought they would be the exact same its just that I never thought about it much. For instance the crib that I am using for Jaclyn is the same crib I had for David. A family in our old church fixed up one of there old cribs and gave it to us. It was a real blessing to us and worked very well for David. Jaclyn has been sleeping in it as well and it has been really good for her, until two days ago. I was in her room and noticed that Jaclyn broke her crib. One of the corners was just hanging there. She wasn't hurt or anything but we did take it down and moved her into the playpen for now.

Now back to what I was saying about my kids being different. When David was in the crib he would just play in it when he was awake or try and figure out a way to climb out of it. Jaclyn however as soon as she is awake she is standing in her crib jumping with everything she has, hence her crib being broken. Chris and I have also talked about how David tried to figure out a way to climb out of his crib that his thought was linear and logical and he never did figured out a way that would make sense to him. Where as Jaclyn is trying as well to get out of her crib and when I caught her one day she was climbing the bars and trying to jump out without thinking about what would happen when she did that.
Chris and I have talked about how we want to move Jaclyn into a big girl bed sooner then we had initially planed on because of her trying to get out. Well now we are thinking that we will be moving her into one even sooner now. Chris will be fixing her crib tonight so that she can sleep in it again, we are hoping that she doesn't break it again. Once she has learned how to climb on and off of Davids bed (she is already trying to get on it) we will be moving her into her own bed. Mostly likely this summer. Its crazy to be thinking about moving her when she is not even one yet. David was almost twenty months old when he moved into his big boy bed. I think that Jaclyn will be about 15 months old when she moves into her big girl bed.
They are such different kids!!


Tuesday, February 03, 2009


David is two and a half now and is really beginning to use his imagination. He also likes routine, what can I say he is like me that way.
In the morning we have been having a quiet time together when he wakes up. We will lay in his bed together and talk about what we want to do that day or what is on our schedule. Over the last few weeks we have been talking about what he dreamed about. It started by me asking him what he dreamed about and then I explained to him what a dream was. He looked at me and said "um.......McQueen, Mater, Sally, Ramon and David were playing together" (character from the movie Cars)
I then asked if he had fun and he said: "yup"!!!
We then went on with our day.
Since that day I ask him what he dreamed about and we will then talk about his dreams from the night before. I love discovering what he will say each day. Mostly it has been about Buzz Lightyear and Woody from the Toy Story movies.
This morning he told me that Lightyear, Woody, McQueen, Sally, Mater and some of his other favorite Disney characters cleaned my house. (to bad these characters don't actually clean my house when I sleep. Hahaha)