Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I really don't like vomit!!
I know most, if not everyone, doesn't like it. The reason I am saying this is because this afternoon the little boy that I look after got sick after nap time. The boys were sitting at the kids table starting their snack and I turned around for just a moment when David started to yell at me. You could here the panic in his voice as he yelled "mom, puke, Preston puked.....gross!" I thought that David was going to cry because the puke was in front of him on his table and all over Preston. I ran over to Preston to clean him up and get Jaclyn before she got into it. Because David was not in a sharing mood he had been holding the snack close even before the vomit began. (This is one time I was happy that he didn't share.) I started to clean up Preston as I moved Jaclyn out of the area ( I ended up distracting her with my foot), all well David is yelling gross!!
Well, I finally had Preston stripped down to his diaper so that I could get him cleaned up. Oh yeah, the reason I had turned around before this all happened was because I needed a diaper. Preston had pooed! So while cleaning up all the vomit I was also cleaning up a very stinky diarea filled diaper. GROSS!!!
I had, during this time, contacted his mother so she could come and pick him up since he was quite obviously sick. By this time, I had all three kids cleaned and calm and started to disinfect the area in which was contaminated. His mother had come to get him. Unfortunately before they left my house he had vomited two more times. After he was clean the last time he they left before it happened again. As soon as I closed the door I put a movie on for my kids and started the job of disinfecting everything three feet and lower. Yes everything! This little boy has the ability to touch and even put almost everything the kids have in his mouth. So this afternoon and mostly this evening Chris and I will be disinfecting everything we can think of. I will also be washing everything that is able to go into the laundry this evening.
So much for a quiet, calm evening.....sigh!


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