Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My little Girl

Well I can't believe that she is already two months old! The last two months has been a wonderful time getting to know my daughter and watching my David love his sister. Jaclyn has been an amazing addition to our family. Even though she has only been here for just over two months we can't imagine not having her here with us.
Here are just a few recent pictures that I have taken of my little girl!
Two months
Hanging out on the floor
My little beauty.
Jaclyn has been spending more time awake these days which has been lots of fun playing with her and watching David play her. She smiles all the time and is starting to "giggle" a little bit. I love all the nosies that she is making. It is so much fun having a little girl.
One other thing that Jaclyn is doing now is sleeping through the night. When she was three weeks old she started to only wake up once in the night. Then when she was six weeks old that middle of the night feed would last about ten to fifteen minutes. Then last Saturday night she slept all night. For the last few weeks Jaclyn has been going to bed at 8:30pm and David's bedtime is at 7:30pm, so Chris and I are able to spend time together just the two of us until we go to bed (at 10:00pm, wow how life has changed)


Saturday, May 10, 2008

David and his Bed

Last night makes it one week that David has been in his new bed. When I last blogged on him moving into his bed, it was the first day and was really nervous about the whole thing. Well this is what our week has looked like.....
On the first day, his nap time was the hardest (that's when I first talked about his bed), once he got to sleep he had a full nap. Bedtime went ok, he woke up once in the night. Much better then I thought it would go. The second night was going well until he fell out of his bed, he wasn't hurt but he was scared and it took over two hours to put him back to bed. The next day we put up a bed rail and after that he has done really well. When we put him down he asked to cuddle in his bed about half the time. He also likes to play in his bed during the day. Here are some pictures of him being silly in his bed.

David likes his new bed and his new blanket that Chris got him. This week when someone would come over he wanted to show them his bed.
I still can't believe that he is in a big boy bed, he looks so little when he is in it.
I am very proud of David and the way that he has taken the changes in his life over the last few months.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Going Green!!

Ever since David was born we have talked about getting cloth diapers. We never did though, well we have now! Last week I talked to a friend of mine (thanks Jinny) about the cloth diapers that she was using and she was able to answer all of my questions. The next I did some more research and found a local place to find them and then Chris and I went out and bought them.
I am so happy with them, they are really easy to use and David seems to like them as well. I will be switching Jaclyn over to them in a few weeks when I get the rest of the diapers that I ordered. We are very happy to be using cloth, they are good on the environment and on our pocket book! They also come in some fun colors, I ordered green, white and yellow. They come in pink and blue but because I am using them on both kids I went for non-gender specific. One other thing I like about these diapers is that they are good from birth to thirty pounds or until they potty trained.

Here is David dancing around and showing off his new diapers


Friday, May 02, 2008

Big Bed

This morning Chris put together David's new bed. We bought him a twin bed and this afternoons nap is his first time sleeping in a real bed by himself. We wanted to have him involved in the process so we had him "help" us pick out sheets yesterday and this morning he "helped" put his bed together. Then when it was all done he went into Jaclyn's room and saw the crib in pieces on the floor and when I took him out of her room he started to cry and wanted his bed. It was really hard to see my little boy so upset and not understanding why his bed was gone and why he had a new bed in his room.

Normally when I put him down for his nap I bring him in his room and give him a short cuddle and then lay him down and he falls asleep on his own. Today however when I went to lay him down he grabbed onto my shirt and said "mom cuddle, mom cuddle" So I sat on my chair in his room and held him for a few minutes and then laid him down. I then left his room. He started to cry and call for me and when I went back into his room he was at the door holding his monkey. I gave in and rocked him in his room until he fell asleep then I put him to bed. I feel like I tricked him into sleeping in his bad. I am worried about what will happen when he wakes up and finds himself in his bed alone. I am praying that he likes it and that we don't have any problems tonight for bedtime.

If anyone has any ideas for how to get a toddler sleep on their own in a big bed feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks