Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

I Love Fall! I love how the leaves and trees look in the fall. I think that it is a beautiful season.
As a family we are trying to find things that we can do together and if we really enjoy it we will try and do that activity again and again. This year we went to a local pumpkin patch and let David run around. He loved it! He kept saying "pumpkins, more pumpkins". He tried picking them up and if it was to heavy for him to pick up he would try and roll it.
Jaclyn enjoyed it as well. She mostly liked to watch David and every once in awhile he would come over to her and make faces at her so she would smile at him. Then he would be gone to explore the pumpkins again. We had a lot of fun and I think we will try and go to a local pumpkin patch every fall.
Right after this picture was taken he knocked the top pumpkin off!
David making faces.
My cute kids!
David and Jaclyn both fit on a pumpkin together.
Beautiful Girl
My Boys!
David and the pumpkins.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Teeth and Eyes!

I thought I would give you all an update on David and Jaclyn.
Jaclyn has been teething for the last couple of weeks and on Tuesday she popped her first tooth. I expect more teeth to come in the next few weeks as it seems that she is teething more every day. Jaclyn is also starting to crawl a lot more. David thinks that because she is getting around on her own now and because she likes to stand with my help that she can walk. He holds her hands and wants to walk her around. I explain to him every time that she is too little to walk still so he will hold her hands and dance with her instead. He will hum and rock her back and forth, all the while Jaclyn is smiling up at him. Its pretty cute!
Ever since David was a baby I have watched him and the way he uses his eyes. He used to go cross-eyed as a baby and then randomly as he has grown. I never thought to much about it, I just figured that he might need glasses when he got older like I did. Well over the last two weeks his eyes have gotten worse. What I mean by this is that he will go cross-eyed on and off at different times in the day. Sometimes, when he is doing something, one of his eyes will wounder while the other eye stays in one place. I decided to get him into the optometrist to check out what was happening.
Well, we went and had his eyes tested today. They said that he is farsighted and will need glasses, which was sort of expected. But, that is not all... They are also sending him to a specialist to do more test on his eyes. There could be a problems with some of the muscles around his eyes. The reason he needs a specialist to see him is that normal eye tests don't tend to work at his age. They have to put drops in his eyes to open up his pupil to do those tests. The doctor that I saw today told me that he is following a pattern of having a muscle that is unable to keep up with the eyes and what they are trying to do. To fix this problem they usually have to do a surgery to correct the muscle in the eyes. He would still need to wear glasses after that for his far-sightedness but that would be it.
For now, we don't know if he has this muscle problem or if he has to have surgery on his eyes. All we know is that he needs glasses and until we see the specialist we are not sure as to how strong of a prescription he will need or if he needs surgery. I have an appointment for him in the beginning of December and we will go from there.
On a lighter note with all of this, Chris and I have talked about the fact that David will look very cute in glasses and that he will most likely like to wear them because I wear glasses. He is always trying to put on my glasses and pretend he is like me. We are hoping he still likes the idea of wearing glasses when we get some for him!

Here is a picture of his eyes this week.
My little lady!
Playing outside
Side note: This is my 100 blog entry. YAY!!


Friday, October 17, 2008

My Amazing Girl

Jaclyn is one strong little girl. She will often do push-ups well baby style push-ups.
Most children her age get up on their hands and knees. Jaclyn however gets up on her hands and toes. She has been doing this now for awhile. Over the last few weeks she has been able to hold herself up for over a minute at a time. She does get on her knees as well but I think she prefers to be on her toes!

Also she weighs 19lbs now at 7 months.
Side note David weighed 19lbs at 10 months.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yesterday we went to the Aquarium with some friends Amy and Jared and their beautiful son Silas. They came out from Prince George to visit there family for Thanksgiving and we met them at the Aquarium on Monday . After walking around for the morning they came back to our house. Travis, Rosie and their son Spencer came over as well and we all visited over tea and cookies. Both of these couple are people that Chris went to collage with and I met after they were all done at CBC. Chris has kept in contact with a lot of people from his CBC days and most of them are married with children all over Canada. I have met only a few in person and more via the blogging world or facebook. I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone that Chris knew at CBC both in person and over the computer. Chris and I have talked about how I talk the people from his CBC days more then he does now. Its funny how life goes!
Anyways back to the Aquarium David had such a great time there. He wanted to climb into all the tanks with the fish. At one point when we was looking at the beluga's outside he tried to get his leg over the side to go swimming with them. It was pretty cute. Chris was a little more careful after that when looking over the tanks with David. Jaclyn seemed to enjoy watching the bright coloured fish swimming. I am looking forward to taking her there again when she is older and can enjoy it more.

I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Lunch Time

The other day I let David feed Jaclyn her bottle. Every time she would have milk dripping down her face he would take the bottle away and wipe her mouth it was really funny!!


Early Morning

Once upon a time David slept until 8am.................................that seems so long ago now! David now wakes up between 6:30-7am, for awhile it was 6am. I have gotten use to the earlier wake ups but I find that David does better during the day when he sleeps until at least 7am (and so do I). When David wakes up before 7am he is not aloud out of his bed until then. I have to say though this has been a bit of a challenge for me, I don't mind cuddling with him until such time but I don't find his bed comfortable so I have brought him into our bed lately. Jaclyn wakes up most mornings between 7:30-8:00am I really appreciate that time.
However this morning Jaclyn woke up before 6am and David was not far behind her. So this morning I have a house full of tired people. Jaclyn went down for her morning nap early today and David is all about cuddling with me. As for myself I had my first cup of tea today before 7:00am. I think I will go make myself another one now.
Here are some pictures of the kids this morning. And yes David is wearing pink socks he wanted to wear his sisters socks this morning, he is a strange boy sometimes!


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Seven Months


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fat Lips

In my son's short but very full life he has managed to give me different injuries. None of them have been bad or on purpose. David just has so much enthusiasm that he puts his whole body into whatever he is doing.
For example I just put him down for a nap and he gave me a kiss and then started to give me more kisses. It then turned into a little game. Then it happened............he kissed me with his teeth. He didn't bite me, he was smiling and kissed with his teeth. Well you guessed it he split my top lip. After we collided he said "mommy owie , David teeth owie". Then he wanted a hug and to go to bed. As I sit here with my lip getting fatter I think about how life has been with a little boy. He has given my more fat lips then I can count and one broken nose (last Christmas) .
At this stage in life I am glad that I am the one who is getting hurt and not him. In a few years when he is braking bones or falling off his bike (I am almost positive that he will be one of those boys) I will be wishing we were back here and he was giving me fat lips.
Life with a boy will definitely keep me busy, but I am enjoying every bit of it.........fat lip and all!


Last Weekend

Last weekend we went on a family camp with our church. Here are some pictures from it. It was a wet and windy weekend but we had lots of fun. The kids stayed warm in our double stroller and weren't fazed by the weather. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of then in the time!


Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.
Chris and David reading the bible together.
Jaclyn on the move.....
Bright eyes!
My silly boy!