Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yesterday we went to the Aquarium with some friends Amy and Jared and their beautiful son Silas. They came out from Prince George to visit there family for Thanksgiving and we met them at the Aquarium on Monday . After walking around for the morning they came back to our house. Travis, Rosie and their son Spencer came over as well and we all visited over tea and cookies. Both of these couple are people that Chris went to collage with and I met after they were all done at CBC. Chris has kept in contact with a lot of people from his CBC days and most of them are married with children all over Canada. I have met only a few in person and more via the blogging world or facebook. I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone that Chris knew at CBC both in person and over the computer. Chris and I have talked about how I talk the people from his CBC days more then he does now. Its funny how life goes!
Anyways back to the Aquarium David had such a great time there. He wanted to climb into all the tanks with the fish. At one point when we was looking at the beluga's outside he tried to get his leg over the side to go swimming with them. It was pretty cute. Chris was a little more careful after that when looking over the tanks with David. Jaclyn seemed to enjoy watching the bright coloured fish swimming. I am looking forward to taking her there again when she is older and can enjoy it more.

I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving!



debrowns said...

I love the picture of David in the bubble!

Tarasview said...

oh how fun that you got to see Amy & Jared & Silas!

good times :)