Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fat Lips

In my son's short but very full life he has managed to give me different injuries. None of them have been bad or on purpose. David just has so much enthusiasm that he puts his whole body into whatever he is doing.
For example I just put him down for a nap and he gave me a kiss and then started to give me more kisses. It then turned into a little game. Then it happened............he kissed me with his teeth. He didn't bite me, he was smiling and kissed with his teeth. Well you guessed it he split my top lip. After we collided he said "mommy owie , David teeth owie". Then he wanted a hug and to go to bed. As I sit here with my lip getting fatter I think about how life has been with a little boy. He has given my more fat lips then I can count and one broken nose (last Christmas) .
At this stage in life I am glad that I am the one who is getting hurt and not him. In a few years when he is braking bones or falling off his bike (I am almost positive that he will be one of those boys) I will be wishing we were back here and he was giving me fat lips.
Life with a boy will definitely keep me busy, but I am enjoying every bit of it.........fat lip and all!


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