Friday, October 17, 2008

My Amazing Girl

Jaclyn is one strong little girl. She will often do push-ups well baby style push-ups.
Most children her age get up on their hands and knees. Jaclyn however gets up on her hands and toes. She has been doing this now for awhile. Over the last few weeks she has been able to hold herself up for over a minute at a time. She does get on her knees as well but I think she prefers to be on her toes!

Also she weighs 19lbs now at 7 months.
Side note David weighed 19lbs at 10 months.



Renee, Mike & Benard said...

Jaclyn is crazy, I couldn't hold myself up like that long enough for someone to take a picture. They are all getting so grown up. Today I bought all the little guys Christmas presents. I have up on having time to do the home made ones.

Jinny and Colin said...

Wow, I wish. Liam weighed that much at 13 months! It's always been a point of stress for me. So yay for you and your healthy little cuties.:)