Thursday, June 21, 2007

Funny Faces

So a couple of days ago David started giving us a new look. He scrunches his eyes, opens his mouth and snorts as he laughs, its is so funny that when he does is I laugh so he does it more and we will laugh for awhile. It is so much fun.
I am really enjoying watching David grow up and discover his personality. He is one funny boy.
Here are a few pictures of this new face of his, its hard to capture the whole look but I am sure you can get the idea.
Also David loves to laugh, we will be playing on the floor with his toys and all of a sudden he will be laughing, I am never really sure of what he is laughing at but I do love to hear it.
I also added some pictures to our flickr!


David doing Laundry

Well David likes to help me around the house, for instance when I do laundry he is always tring to get into the basket. So sometimes I put him in........I thought I would share some pictures. He also likes to follow me when I vaccum, I don't think he totally understands what the noise is but he does like to be clean.