Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Menu Board

Like most moms out there I have struggled with the age old question 'what's for dinner?'

Over the years, I have tried different ideas to plan things out for weekly or monthly dinner, but none of them stuck for longer then a few weeks or months and then I was back to wondering at the last minute what to make for dinner.  Which is not great for eating a healthy, homemade meal, seeing as how nothing is thawed out, and in my experience, we were always 1-2 ingredients short for most meals.

About five months ago, I spent the evening putting together a new menu board.
I used a frame, scrape book paper, a small box, cute little clothespins, stickers and some printed out dinner ideas of meals that we like and a few blanks for anything else we want to add.

So far, we have used it every week.

My kids love helping me put the weekly dinner menu together. Since having this menu I have found our grocery bill has gone down, because we can buy fresh ingredients for the meals of that week and  none go bad in the fridge.

As an added bonus, my kids will look at the menu board and read what's for dinner instead of asking me multiple times a day, plus I don't feel like things are a scramble right before dinner each night.

It may have taken a few tries to find something simple and easy to do that works for our family, but it sure seems to have been worth it.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sweaters passed down

I remember when I was a little girl my great-grandmother would make me and my brothers sweaters. I also remember loving to wear them. There was simply something about the sweaters being made specially for me that made me so excited to wear them. My mother, the wise woman that she is, decided to save all of those sweaters that were made for my brothers and I.
When I had my little girl, she gave me the ones made for me to pass on.  I have had them in her closet for awhile now, and she has worn some over the years, but over the last few months she has really started to gravitate to them and to chose them herself. She loves that she gets to wear something that was mine when I was her age. She also loves that she is wearing a sweater made by her great-great-grandmother, which she actually thinks about.

Here she is modeling one of her favorites, "the puppy sweater" as she calls it.

I think its wonderful to be able to pass down a treasured item from my childhood to my daughter. Thanks Mom for saving them all these years!