Sunday, April 22, 2007

David has a New Cousin

Well I know that this is normally about David and our little family but today I want to share with you all about a new member of our extended family. Adrian Patrick Bjorndal was born this morning April 22 @ 5:30 ish and weighed 8lb. 12oz. He is the son of my brother and sister-in-law Isaac and Jana Bjorndal and younger brother to Logan. Both mom and baby are doing well and Logan is very excited to be a big brother. They are all happy and glad to have him here.

We are excited to meet our new nephew in May!!



Saturday, April 14, 2007

Update on Flickr

For those of you that still check I updated the flickr!!!!!

Time for a Bottle

Well David and I have come to a new time in both our lives.........he has moved on to the bottle. David is now on formula 100%, this was a sad and happy time for me, sad because I will miss the special times that we had well breastfeeding but happy because we were both ready for the change. The first few times he would almost refuse to take the bottle but in the end after a few days of persistence on my part he took to it and as you can see from these pictures he is happy to have his bottle. In fact now when he hears it being shaken or sees it he gets excited. I am happy to have breastfeed him for over 8 months but it was time. The nice thing now is that Chris and I can get babysitters and not worry about being at home to feed him, this is a nice perk. As well Chris is able to feed him now which he is enjoying!


Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

We just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter!!! We hope that you all had a good time with family but most of all remembering what Jesus did for us all. For he has Risen


Growing up so Fast

Well time has really started to go by fast, David is growing so much. He loves to sit and play with his toys. He loves to laugh, he gets himself from sitting position to crawling position and he really loves standing and walking with help. David still hasen't totally figured out the whole crawling thing yet, what he does is crawl backwards and shimmys around the room. He has crawled a little bit but not consistantly, soon I am sure.
Also he is getting more hair all the time. He has more control over his hands and moves smaller objects. I have also started to give him Arrowroot cookies which he loves.
David is growing and keeping me very busy, we have a lot of fun together.
I will try and blog more to keep you all up to date.


Puppy Outfit

This is an outfit that David's Aunt Tara brought him home from Europe. What you can't see is that it has ears, a tail and paws on the bottom, it is so cute. When I put it on David he started to laugh and play as he felt the material, I just had to take pictures and share it with you guys.
Thanks Auntie Tara :)


Monday, April 02, 2007

Real Moms

I was tagged by Tara about real moms, well this is my opinion
of being a real mom.

Real Moms put there wants aside.
Real Moms eat there meals cold.
Real Moms don't sleep as much as they might want to.
But my favorite parts about being a mom are.......................
hearing him say "momma"
playing and laughing all morning just to hear him laugh.
discovering that blowing on his tummy is the funnest thing I have ever done.
seeing him smile just because he saw me.
watching him discover the world around him.
watching him learn how to move all be himself.

For all these reasons and more I love being a Mom.