Saturday, April 14, 2007

Time for a Bottle

Well David and I have come to a new time in both our lives.........he has moved on to the bottle. David is now on formula 100%, this was a sad and happy time for me, sad because I will miss the special times that we had well breastfeeding but happy because we were both ready for the change. The first few times he would almost refuse to take the bottle but in the end after a few days of persistence on my part he took to it and as you can see from these pictures he is happy to have his bottle. In fact now when he hears it being shaken or sees it he gets excited. I am happy to have breastfeed him for over 8 months but it was time. The nice thing now is that Chris and I can get babysitters and not worry about being at home to feed him, this is a nice perk. As well Chris is able to feed him now which he is enjoying!


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