Saturday, May 10, 2008

David and his Bed

Last night makes it one week that David has been in his new bed. When I last blogged on him moving into his bed, it was the first day and was really nervous about the whole thing. Well this is what our week has looked like.....
On the first day, his nap time was the hardest (that's when I first talked about his bed), once he got to sleep he had a full nap. Bedtime went ok, he woke up once in the night. Much better then I thought it would go. The second night was going well until he fell out of his bed, he wasn't hurt but he was scared and it took over two hours to put him back to bed. The next day we put up a bed rail and after that he has done really well. When we put him down he asked to cuddle in his bed about half the time. He also likes to play in his bed during the day. Here are some pictures of him being silly in his bed.

David likes his new bed and his new blanket that Chris got him. This week when someone would come over he wanted to show them his bed.
I still can't believe that he is in a big boy bed, he looks so little when he is in it.
I am very proud of David and the way that he has taken the changes in his life over the last few months.


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