Sunday, February 08, 2009


I never really realized when I was pregnant just how different my children would be, its not that I thought they would be the exact same its just that I never thought about it much. For instance the crib that I am using for Jaclyn is the same crib I had for David. A family in our old church fixed up one of there old cribs and gave it to us. It was a real blessing to us and worked very well for David. Jaclyn has been sleeping in it as well and it has been really good for her, until two days ago. I was in her room and noticed that Jaclyn broke her crib. One of the corners was just hanging there. She wasn't hurt or anything but we did take it down and moved her into the playpen for now.

Now back to what I was saying about my kids being different. When David was in the crib he would just play in it when he was awake or try and figure out a way to climb out of it. Jaclyn however as soon as she is awake she is standing in her crib jumping with everything she has, hence her crib being broken. Chris and I have also talked about how David tried to figure out a way to climb out of his crib that his thought was linear and logical and he never did figured out a way that would make sense to him. Where as Jaclyn is trying as well to get out of her crib and when I caught her one day she was climbing the bars and trying to jump out without thinking about what would happen when she did that.
Chris and I have talked about how we want to move Jaclyn into a big girl bed sooner then we had initially planed on because of her trying to get out. Well now we are thinking that we will be moving her into one even sooner now. Chris will be fixing her crib tonight so that she can sleep in it again, we are hoping that she doesn't break it again. Once she has learned how to climb on and off of Davids bed (she is already trying to get on it) we will be moving her into her own bed. Mostly likely this summer. Its crazy to be thinking about moving her when she is not even one yet. David was almost twenty months old when he moved into his big boy bed. I think that Jaclyn will be about 15 months old when she moves into her big girl bed.
They are such different kids!!



Jinny and Colin said...

Hey Katherine, don't know if this is helpful or not, but we've found that putting Liam in a sleep sack ( has really helped with his not being able to even attempt to climb out of his crib; also we don't have to worry about whether or not he's kicked his blankets off and is cold at night. We LOVE his sleep sack and swear by it. Best invention ever and well worth the cash. :)

Katherine said...

Thanks Jinny, I will look into it agian. I tried one when she was younger and she didn't like it. Maybe she would do better this time. What kind do you use?

Jinny and Colin said...

I like the Sleep Hugger brand. They seem to be really well made and safe for kids in how they are made...and they are cheaper than GroBags! I recently looked around for other ones to buy for a friend and didn't find any than compaired. :) they have a website, and a few online companies sell them. happy shopping! hugs to you guys.