Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Childrens Bibles

Every time I pull out my Bible to read or bring it to church David gets really excited and wants to hold it and read it himself. Its really cute to here him say Bible or Jesus, he will often sit and "read" my Bible and pretend to read and I can hear him saying Jesus and other words to himself. He has also been asking for his Bible he will say "Davids Bible??"
The other day I took the kids to the local christian book store to find him a Bible.
Did you know that finding a children's Bible that is true to scripture is hard to find? Yes they have lots of children's "bibles", the ones that change a Bible story so much that the only things the same are the names and general idea's. I understand that the writers have changed the stories so that children will not be scared but at the same time don't we as Christians want to teach our children the true story of Jesus and all of the wonderful things that God had written in the Bible! I am not saying that we as parents should be telling our children only about the "scary" parts of the Bible, just that we should be teaching our children the truth about Christianity and the truth about was is in the Bible and all the wonderful things that are talked about in the Bible. Such as Jesus loves us, we are His children and he is our heavenly Father and that God will be there for us if we only ask! And when we do teach our children about the stories that might scare them that we do so in a way that they will understand. When they are old enough to ask questions about the stuff they don't understand we can explain in more detail to them. I as a mother of a two year old will be teaching David about all the aspect of the Bible but I will do so in a way that captures his attention and in a way that he will understand. As he gets older we will go over the stories in more depth. I want my children to understand who God is and how amazing He is!
Now that I have ranted a little I found a wonderful Bible for David. It is a 'Read with me Bible' that has lots of pictures in it for him to look at and it is a NIrV version that tells the stories right out of scripture.
Here are a few pictures of David reading his new Bible. He is so excited to have it that he wants to read it all the time. In fact this morning he asked to read his Bible before he had even had breakfast.



Tara said...

I am totally going to look for that Bible!! We have a whole bunch of kid's bibles (all were given to us) but none that are the REAL scripture stories!

debrowns said...

Hi Katherine ... this is Erin. My husband & I went to college with Chris and I read your blog all the time. Your youngest and my son are only weeks apart!

Anyway ... I bought this same Bible to use when I taught Sunday school to ages 3 to 5 because I thought it was wonderful too. Not sure if you saw another one put out by the same publisher and illustrator, but its called the "See With Me Bible". Its only pictures but they're done in a way that you can tell the story yourself along with the illustrations. I really like it.

Jinny said...

Good to know! Liam was given one that is almost heretical, so we don't read it to him. Maybe I should go and buy that one!