Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Silly Boy

David loves to help me do the laundry, in fact when I go to the laundry room he follows me to help put things in the dryer. The other day my friend was over and brought me some of her girls clothes to borrow for Jaclyn. When we were sorting through the clothes David decided that he really liked this one shirt with Eeyore on it as well as ears and hair on the hood. It was really cute and funny to see him trying to put the shirt on so my girlfriend helped him get it on and we took pictures of him. He also went and looked in the mirror at himself and was very proud of himself. He then played in the shirt for a little while. It was very funny!!
David also likes to go into Jaclyn room and pull out her clothes and play with them. He even tries to put on some of them.

I am really enjoying watching David and Jaclyn together. He just loves her so much and wants to do everything with her. Just the other day he wanted to give her "high five" so he tried and finally asked me to help him. It was very funny!
In the last two weeks David has become very concerned when someone other then me or Chris is holding Jaclyn. We could have family or friends holding her and he starts to get really upset and sometimes even cries. I have to tell him that its OK and that I have given permission for that person to hold her. Its great that he loves her so much. He still has a problem with me holding another baby. In David's eyes I am only aloud to hold him or Jaclyn.



Jinny and Colin said...

Awww, David sounds like such a sweet big brother. :)

Tara said...

I love the eyore ears!