Monday, March 29, 2010

Our weekend

I had an amazing weekend with my husband celebrating our anniversary. Some of our highlights from this weekend were: sleeping in (which is something I think any mother loves), I didn't cook anything (I love cooking but sometimes it is a nice break not to cook or clean up after a meal), shopping (we went into lots of cooking and decorating stores), walking, drinking Starbucks and most of all talking about our life together so far and dreaming about our future. It was a great little break from our everyday routine. 

We picked up our kids last night, David was so excited to see us that he kept giving me kisses, hugs and telling me that he loves me and that he missed me. Jaclyn was also very excited to see us and went from me to Chris giving us lots of hugs. The kids slept really well last night and were happy to be home in there beds. 
David and Jaclyn had a really good time with their grandparents, they went swimming, bike riding, played at the park, built sand castles and had lots of fun playing. I am not sure who was more tired by the end of the weekend the kids or their grandparents!! 
I think that today will be a bit of catch up well the kids have a mellow day. I have to do some laundry, vacuum and basically get back into our routine. The kids are also trying to decide what they want to do today so far today the kids have asked to do crafts, watch movies and or just hang out. We will see how our day unfolds.


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Ang said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I always hate the getting back into routine day/days. Enjoy your day!!