Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brotherly Love

Jaclyn can be very emotional (after all she is a girl). David is usually very understanding towards her. Ever since she was a baby when she cried David would instantly want to help her in some way. Now this is not always a good thing, like when David is the one to upset her or when she is in a don't touch me mood. Most of the time it is really sweet to watch. On this particular day Jaclyn was upset because her dad had just left for work. David went up to her and brought her one of her favorite blankets, milk and a doll. He then said to her "daddy will be home soon and I am here with you and I love you!"


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Shash said...

I have 4 kids and when two of them, don't remember which two... were little. One was hugging too much, too tight and the other says "He's loving me too hard"

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