Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let the games begin...

All over the world, there is one game that is more loved and appreciated, and it is that time of year again...soccer (at least it is that time here). 

David and Jaclyn both love the idea of soccer (AKA: running around and kicking things) and this year is their first year in an organized soccer program.

They both LOVED it!!

Even before we got to the first practice, David was so excited that he saw the whole day as prep for this momentous occasion. For nearly the entire day today David would say things like: "mom, I need to rest so that I have energy for soccer tonight" and "I think its time for a quiet time so that I have energy to run at soccer tonight". He would also take almost any opportunity to check and see if it was time for soccer yet, and how much more time he would have to wait before he could go? 
I think he was a little excited!!

When they got there, even before things began, Jaclyn was off, having seen a ball she began to kick it, even if it was part of another teams practice... something that needs to be developed is perhaps some rules for soccer. They began with some basic warm up and drills, which confused our kids as to why we were not kicking balls yet, but they did learn many skills such as running through a huge group of kids aware enough not to run smack into someone. Then they started kicking and it was great fun and craziness all rolled into one for a while, until they called it in for snack.

Result = fun was had by all

I think we will all be looking forward to the next practice for soccer (football)


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