Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring where are you??

Yesterday the kids and I went for a lovely walk outside with their wagon. It was actually really nice outside, in fact the weather here has been getting a little warmer everyday. 

My whole family has been happy that Spring is here and we have been talking about riding bikes, walks, picnics as well as playing sports outside now that the weather is clearing up. 

Then this morning the kids woke up to this:

 front yard

When David saw the snow this morning he said:  "Why does the snow keep coming back, I thought it was Spring?"

Jaclyn said: "Why, more snow?" 

As I am writing this my children are down the hall playing with Transformers and a mini ball pit. Just a few moments ago I heard David tell Jaclyn: "we should play in our rooms and wait for the snow to go away again".

I just hope that we aren't waiting for that long.
What kind of weather did you wake up too?


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WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

I woke up to that very same sight. Seriously, last Sunday we took a walk in the 70 degree plus temps and this weekend snow. So not right!!