Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sleeping Masks

For many years now I have been sleeping with a sleeping mask. I have always been someone who sleeps better in a dark room. I can remember when I was a little girl and then as a teenager I would hide my eyes just so I could sleep. One day when I was a teen my dad brought me home a sleeping mask that he got on a trip he took (I think it was one of those masks that they offer you on airplanes or something). 

That was when I first discovered my love of the sleeping mask!

Shortly after we were married Chris found me a wonderful sleeping mask that I absolutely love. It is so comfortable and it makes sleeping much more enjoyable for me. Chris also has a mask now.

 Both of my children are similar to me in the sense that they also like to sleep in the dark. I have made them both room darkening curtains and they will still sleep hiding under their covers. Then about a month ago both David and Jaclyn told me at different times that they are unable to sleep because they don't have sleeping masks.

Then this morning David asked again for a sleeping mask. I pulled out some of my extra fabric pieces and I made two sleeping masks for the kids, Davids is striped on one side and trains on the other. Jaclyn's is pink on one side and butterflies on the other, this way they are reversible. 


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