Sunday, May 15, 2011

Laptops and Tea

About a month ago now, my husbands computer died a sad death which left him without a computer for work. I being the wonderful wife that I am gave him my laptop to use for the meantime while we save for a new computer. Unfortunately this means that I have limited access to a computer. I still have me iPod touch, which allows me to access email/facebook. However it does mean that it is harder for me to blog. I am planning on sitting down somewhat regularly (most likely weekly) to blog about what has been happening around here. 

As some of you know I have a love for tea! My favorite place to get tea is at Starbucks....yummy!
I find that the day goes better with a cup of tea. My love for tea is somewhat rubbing off on my children. Both of my children on a weekly or at least by-weekly basis ask if they can have tea with me. So we drink tea together, actually I drink tea they drink "milk tea". 

Here are my two little "tea" drinkers enjoying morning tea with me.

Over the last few months whenever we go to town to do some shopping Jaclyn will say to us "guys, I need my Starbucks". 
The funny thing about that line is that I rarely go to Starbucks these days. I do however have Starbucks mugs at home that she sees regularly and when she see the Starbucks sign she wants it too. Funny kid!



Amanda said...

My kids are always insisting on having a tea party. I use one of my fancy tea pots and make a nice fruty herbal tea that they get to add their own sugar and use tea cups. Love my job

herbal tea said...

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