Thursday, May 26, 2011


I love walks and about a week and a half ago my friend and I were planning on going for an evening walk, it was so beautiful out and I had just put my kids to bed and we were planning to meet somewhere in the middle of our houses.

Sounds like a great idea right??

Well it was a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, as I was leaving my house, I fell. I rolled my ankle and heard a loud cracking sound. I tried to move and get up but I couldn't use my ankle and was in a lot of pain. Not having many options, I then called for Chris to come out and help me, and thankfully I was not far from my front door.

After Chris helped me into the house, he then found my friend and told her that I was not going to be meeting her that night and then found someone to sit at our house with the children while he took me to the ER. 

Once I finally saw the doctor there he told me it was just a bad sprain but I should stay off it for a week or so. I wasn't able to put any weight on it for the first 6 days and then I was able to put a little bit of weight on it but it still hurt more then I think it should have for a sprain. 

So last Tuesday (7days after my fall) I went to a sports clinic and had them look at it. I was told that I had cracked the top of my ankle and torn some ligaments or tendons in it as well. They casted my leg and sent me home with instructions not to put ANY wight on it for about two weeks when I am able to go back in and see how I am healing. 

So here I sit with my leg in a cast all because I had a strange fall that cracked my ankle.

My husband is awesome and I am very blessed to have him! As much as he has in his week to get done with work he has been able to keep up with all of his normal schedule as well as do most of what I do during the week. He has been cooking, cleaning, laundry and so much more. 

I have had different issues in the past with walking when I was younger (I have had 4 knee operations) but I have been very lucky that I have been able to walk normally almost everyday since I had children. 

Its amazing how we can take for granted being able to move on our own and doing things for ourselves and those around us. I am accustom to making my own tea, cleaning my house, cooking and caring for the daily needs of my family. As I have been sitting around these past few weeks I have been learning again at how important it is to thank God that I am able to walk on a daily basis and how there are many around our country and world who have to rely on others to care for them everyday.

I will be able to walk without crutches in a few weeks and my life will go back to "my normal" fairly soon. As I think about it, my prayer and hope is that I remember those around me, those in my country and around the world who are still dependent on others and when I have the opportunity, to help and support them. I also pray that God gives them continued patience in their circumstances and the help that they need.

It is amazing what God can teach when you see things from a new point of view.


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Laina said...

that sounds like a nasty fall. Sorry to hear about that. Hope you heal quickly to get back to your routine. Glad to hear your husband was there when you needed him. :)