Thursday, January 13, 2011

Octopus Cookies

Do you ever wake up thinking today would be a good day for something fun and different? 

I do and today was one of those days. I decided today we would make Octopus Cookies!

Both David and Jaclyn were really excited to make them and so they both helped me in the kitchen with the mixing and the measuring and of course putting the eyes on (with some taste testing of course)

Here are a few of the finished product

I am going to go and cuddle with my kids now as we eat our octopus cookies and watch a movie.


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Beauty and the Green said...

Octopus cookies, looks delicious. I bake with my son still and he is 19 years old. This was something we did thing from he could hold a spoon. He enjoys it the same only this time his cake does not have 19 different colors. We both now remember the earlier times baking together very fondly and with lots of laughter much like your kids will when they are older as well.