Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just Like Mom

As I sit here getting ready to have my evening cup of tea I was looking through the photos I took this past week and came across these pictures of my kids having tea. 

 For those of you who know me you will know that I love a good cup of hot tea. I will drink almost any type of tea but my favorite is chai. In the past (and present) the kids like to take my mug after I have finished my tea and drink the last drops. On this day however I made them each there own cup of chai (well, a kids chai anyways: 85% milk and 15% chai.) They loved it!!

 I have blogged about my kids and tea a few different times over the years once here and then again here and again here. But since this was their first actual cup of tea, it deserved its own post.

Both Chris and I are also big fans of Starbucks and most of the time when the kids see a Starbucks they ask if we are going there to get "mommy her tea". Sometimes we get the kids a cookie or a special "milk tea" (chocolate milk) there which they both love especially if it is in a Starbucks cup!

This afternoon we were out running some errands and I asked Jaclyn is there was anything else she wanted to see at the store we were at and her response was "no mommy, I need my Starbucks now". I just had to laugh, because she said it so seriously.
You could say that the kids growing up with me having a cup of tea around is starting to rub off on them.


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