Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baptizing Toys

Tonight when David was having his bath he started to line up some of his bath toys. When I asked him what he was doing he responded with "I'm baptizing them". I asked him if he had heard about baptizing lately and he told me that he remembered it from family camp with our church (four months ago) and he thought his toys were ready to be baptized like Jesus talks about in the Bible.
Last September when we were at family camp I remember talking to David a little bit about what baptism was but it hasn't come up in conversation since then. So tonight when he brought up baptizing his toys he really surprised me. I think its kinda cool how my kid thinks about conversations and processes them long after the conversation is over. 

He also remembers things like "maybe we can go to Toys R Us next time we are in town". Then he reminds me the next time we are in town even if it has been 1-2 weeks.


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Amanda said...

I know my son has the best memory too.