Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Over the past few months the kids have started this new thing where they will dog-pile one another or
anyone else who happens to be on the floor.
For example, when David is sitting on the floor reading a book, doing a puzzle or even playing with toys, Jaclyn will come up and lay on top of his back and pretend to sleep. Sometimes David does the same type of thing to Jaclyn but more often then not it is Jaclyn who "sleeps" on David. 
 The morning this was taken, David had just put together a large puzzle on the floor. After it was done, Jaclyn said to him "lay down so we can see who's bigger" and of course he agreed. Then as soon as he laid down she jumped down on him and pretended to sleep on him, sneaky little girl. I managed to get a picture of this interaction and then they both started to act even sillier because I was taking pictures! 

The kids are so funny sometimes I just have to laugh!


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