Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Yesterday afternoon David and I were reading a book about holidays, when it came to New Years he asked if that was the holiday we were just having. 
Earlier that morning we had changed over our calendar and we had talked about starting a new year now. 

He was even more curious why in the book they were wearing party hats and hanging a banner for 
New Years and we hadn't done any yet today, it was 2pm in the afternoon.

So I looked at him and then to Chris and said well then we better get ready for our New Years party. We pulled out some paper and started making party hats and then we made a banner, blew up some balloons. Then we made a pudding pie (because you can't have a party without dessert), and of course, both had to change into "party outfits." Then, after we were all ready, the party began. 

We played some fun music and danced around for quite a while until the kids started to get tired, so we had snacks in the living room and finished off our party with pudding pie and tacos. Both David and Jaclyn told us multiple times that this was the best New Years day party ever!!

We even managed to get a picture of Chris and I together
Happy New Year Everyone!!


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Julie said...

What a great way to spend New Years Day. God bless you all in 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!!!