Sunday, March 27, 2011

sick kids = singing kids

This morning the kids and I stayed home from church because they are still a little sick. This past week both kids were sick, Jaclyn had a cold and an ear infection. David had a cold (with me watching for changes and signs of pneumonia), on top of that we are dealing with their asthma. 
It has been a long week for all of us, I am glad that they are both starting to feel better. I am looking forward to spring coming soon and being past the cold season.
Anyways, because the kids are starting to feel better they are wanting to do more then just hang out on the couch or bed and watch movies or read books. This morning they wanted to make videos for their Gramma and Grandad. So here are the videos that my kids have requested that I put on my blog for their grandparents.

David Singing ABC's

Jaclyn Singing ABC's

During the time it took me to upload the videos and publish this post both of the kids have curled up beside me to watch another movie. At least they have a little more energy everyday!


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Julie said...

Love the singing. Such totally different styles. They can sing for us any day.