Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday Princess

My beautiful daughter turned 3 this week. 

Every year for my children's birthdays I ask them what type of theme they want for there party, this typically means what kind of cake they want. This year Jaclyn asked for a Mickey Mouse theme, and there were a few things in particular that she requested.

 Our Birthday Girl
These are Minnie Mouse ears that I made. We had either Mickey or Minnie ears for all the kids who came. She had seen mouse ears in a picture and decided that she really wanted them, and we found a pretty easy way to do them.
 Of course, there always has to be present openings, which is always a bit of a stretch for her, since she would much rather just check out the first thing she gets than to continue on.
One of the biggest highlights for the kids was Mickey and Minnie cake pops, which was certainly a departure from the regular cakes I do.
These are the Mickey & Minnie Cake pops.
Basically, it is cake on a stick dipped in chocolate
I think they turned out pretty good.

Happy Birthday to our lovely daughter.


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