Wednesday, March 30, 2011


What Relaxes you??

I know that some people relax when they can get out with friends, some its watching a movie or TV and others its sitting in a quiet place alone. I could go on and on but I think most of you have already thought about what relaxes you.

For me if I am feeling a little stressed or just need to think about something or even if I have had a busy week and just want to have a break. There are two things that relax me, first its sitting and having tea with my best friend my husband and the other is to clean....yes that right clean! 

I really enjoy cleaning and organizing our house. My husband finds it a little weird that I get energized when I clean. Just last week he came into our sons room where I was sorting through clothes that were to small and organizing his dresser. When Chris came in the room he started to laugh and said "you know that you are not normal and that most people avoid cleaning the way you do and here you are getting energized by it".

He does laugh sometimes and even try and convince me that we should watch a movie together instead of cleaning something. Then there are other times when he will tell me how wonderful it is that I am willing to clean out old closets and toss things that we don't need or use anymore. 

I remember before we had children we lived in this great little townhouse. I would re-organize a whole room while Chris was at work. Now I am not just meaning I would move furniture but I would find a new place to put everything in that room. I lost tract of how many times I re-organized our kitchen. There were times when Chris would come home from work and look at me and say "did you have a good day and where can I find a cup?" Chris has always been very patient with me as I re-organize and clean out our house. 
One other thing that I enjoyed doing is Spring Cleaning, only in our house instead of being once or twice a year it is more like once every 6-8 weeks. 
I always seem to be looking for a better way to use the space we have therefor some things that are not being used that are broken (that I am never going to fix) I will donate to someone/somewhere where else.

All this to say that I think its about that time again. My over sized bookshelf in my living/dinning room is looking a little cluttered and I think I will make myself a cup of tea and put on some music and start cleaning!


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