Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy Weekend, Anniversay Weekend

This last weekend was a busy one for our family. I went away for two nights to a ladies retreat with some of the woman in my church. It was a wonderful time and I got to know some of the woman better and I am blessed to have these beautiful ladies in my life. 
While I was gone Chris stayed home with our children. When I left David had a bit of a fever but seemed to be on the mend and Jaclyn wasn't sick. Chris had big plans for his weekend with the kids, he was going to build them another castle out of a card board box, build puzzles and mostly just play lots. 
This weekend while I was gone Chris ended up having two sick and cranky kids who constantly asked for me and if I was coming home soon, they even woke up in the middle on the night asking for me. My wonderful husband never complained to me about how hard in was or how tired he was when I got home he just gave me a hug and asked me how my weekend was?
Chris is an Amazing dad and David and Jaclyn are blessed to have him as their father. 
This last weekend was also our Anniversary. I am sure some people would read this and think "didn't she just say that she was away all weekend". So yes, I was away this year for our anniversary. However, I do believe that we have only ever spend two actual anniversaries together where we are either in the same house or even Province. For the first few years Chris worked over our anniversary weekend. If I remember correctly Chris worked an overtime shift last year (we needed the money) and I was sleeping by the time he got home. Don't get me wrong, we always make some time during the month of March to spend time together and celebrate it is just not usually on the actual day.

Last Saturday 6 years ago I married my best friend. When Chris and I were married he was already my best friend and I loved him more then I could have described to anyone and today just over six years later he is still my best friend and I love him ever more!
Over the time the we have been married we have lived in eight houses, a few Provinces, we have two amazing children and thousands of wonderful memories together. Like all couples we have had our ups and downs as we have certainly learned more about each other along the way.  It has been a busy six years but it has also been a wonderful six years and I am glad that I was able to share every season and change in our lives with my best friend, my husband!

 Crescent Beach 2004


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