Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mini Vacation Weekend!!

This past weekend we went on a mini vacation to a family wedding. It was a wonderful time seeing some of our family again and catching up with everyone. 
We stayed in a hotel that had a kids room that both of my kids loved. 
Most of the time we were in the hotel the kids wanted to stay in "their" room.

I also made the wedding cake. It was my first wedding cake and I think under the circumstances it turned out pretty good. I made the cake ahead of time and then transported it with us to the hotel and then I decorated in the hotel room the night before the wedding. I really enjoyed making and decorating the cake and I was happy the my wonderful husband was able to help me along the way!

Here are some of pictures of us at the wedding.
My wonderful boys!
Jaclyn and I being silly together!
The kids with their grandpa
My kids were the entertainment at the wedding. They danced throughout the speeches and went up to everyone there to say Hi. In fact Jaclyn went up to everyone there at least twice saying "Hi, I'm Jaclyn" and before the person could respond she was off again talking to someone else.

I was really proud of my kids on Saturday. They are usually in bed sleeping by 7:30pm, 8pm at the latest. On Saturday we didn't leave until after 10:20pm and they did amazing.



Little Missus Sunshine said...

Wow, that cake looks awesome! I am doubly impressed that you decorated this in your hotel room!!!!! Wow. I would be super stressed out.

Tarasview said...

that cake is beautiful!! well done!!