Thursday, June 03, 2010

Busy & Fun Weekend

We have a full weekend of family, friends, baking a wedding cake, attending wedding and lots of laughs coming up for our family. Today is my prep day for our fun-filled weekend. I am making icing for the cake, baking a cake and packing for my family. I really enjoying spending time with our families and I am looking forward to catching up with everyone. Some people who will be there haven't seen David and Jaclyn for a long time and some of them have never met Jaclyn. Both the kids are excited to stay in a hotel and see everyone this weekend. 
I am excited and little nervous I am making my first wedding cake this weekend, it is a three tier cake decorated with fondant and flowers. I will post pictures of the cake after this weekend. 

I should get back to organizing everything and prepping for our fun-filled weekend!!


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Laina said...

Weddings are fun. Good luck with the cake! I'm sure it will turn out great!