Thursday, November 24, 2011


This post is a little late but I still wanted to post about David's first day of kindergarten. 
As some of you may already know I was planning on homeschooling our kids. We were thinking that because of Chris' work schedule with homeschooling he would be able to have a larger part in their life, this along with other reasons we were all ready to start the school chapter of our lives with homeschooling. 
However over the last year my health has not been the best and both Chris and I decided that instead of  homeschooling it would be best for David and Jaclyn to go to school. The kids and I were away on a trip for most of September and so we were a bit late for getting into a school when we got home. Luckly the school was up for working with us and we enrolled David into kindergarten at a French immersion school. He was a little sad to be away from me at first, but then he heard he would be in class with his best friend in town he started to get excited. Because of David's late enrollment it took him a little while to get as comfortable with school as his classmates were. 
He now loves school and looks forward to going most days (sometimes he wants to stay home because he thinks that he might miss something happening at home). 
David really loves his teacher and looks forward to playing with his friends. His favorite time of day is, not surprissingly, recess. He has also been teaching the rest of us French, he is doing really well now that he has adjusted to his new schedule. 

Here is David on his first day of kindergarten. 

I still can't believe he is old enough to go to school. Crazy how fast time has gone.


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